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20th May 2009 @ 1:43
  So I brought up the topic of Larry racing to him last week. He said anything Nascar is pretty much on hold especially the Blu Frog stuff. The owner of Blue Frog, his daughter has lime disease. Anyway wanted to give you all an update.  

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5th June 2006 @ 15:05
  Please tune in to http://www.walncableradio.com to hear Steve Pados’ interview with Larry Foyt. The show starts at 6pm and is broadcast on Cable TV in eastern PA and western New Jersey. By tuning in you will hear the audio from this TV broadcast.  


Larry at Indy 
28th May 2006 @ 13:57
mood: aggravated
They're saying Larry had a handling issue on live timing and scoring. He is currently ten laps down, and I don't know if he's still on track or not. I hate not knowing. It would be nice if they covered the pits!


28th May 2006 @ 13:06

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25th May 2006 @ 12:31
  Felipe Giaffone: No. 14 ABC Supply/Dallara/Honda/Firestone
Larry Foyt: No. 41 ABC Supply/Dallara/Honda/Firestone

* A.J. Foyt will participate in his 49th consecutive Indy 500. He was the first driver to win the Indy 500 four times (1961, 1964, 1967 and 1977). As a team owner, he’s won it three times: twice when he was driving (1967 and 1977) and again in 1999 with Kenny Brack driving.

* Felipe Giaffone, who is currently 10th in the IRL IndyCar Series standings, will participate in his sixth Indy 500. His best start was fourth in 2002 and his best finish was third that same year. He started 33rd twice (2001 and 2005) and finished 15th twice (2004 and 2005). He finished 33rd in 2003 after starting 16th. This year he qualified 21st with an average speed of 221.579 mph.

* Larry Foyt will compete in his third straight Indy 500. As a rookie he qualified 22nd and started 30th last year. He was out of action early in both events and sustained a back injury when he hit the wall in turn one last year. This year he will start 23rd with an average speed of 221.3 mph.

* A.J. Foyt on Indy: “When we got here we were behind because we had to miss the Open Test they had here right after Japan. The logistics of going back to Texas, fixing the cars plus preparing two more entries, well there wasn’t enough time to do it all. So when we got here we were already playing catch-up. The rain put us further behind and then the tire situation just compounded the challenge. We’re making changes and we’re gaining but there are 12 to 14 cars that are operating better. I think with the changes we’ve made for Carb Day we’ll be okay, but we’ll just have to wait and see.”

* Felipe Giaffone: “We made some changes after qualifying which improved the car. We have to focus on staying on the lead lap through our pit strategy and timing the yellows right. Last year I just survived and finished 15th. I have a much better car this year so I should be a lot more competitive. I think all of the teams are going to have a tougher time because of the harder tire compound—it makes it tougher to hit the right set-up for the race but it’s the same for everyone…Last year I was more anxious going into the race because we had no time to practice. Now I feel I know what the car will do from the first lap on so I’m more confident because I have a better idea of what to expect.”

* Larry Foyt: “My goal is to finish the race. We had some bad luck the last two years here and were out pretty early. It’s been a strange month. As a second weekend qualifier, I’ve had limited track time and with all the rain, it’s made it even less. We’ve struggled with the balance but my dad’s making some changes before Carb Day. I’m not sure what my car’s going to be until we do that final practice. Come race day, I just want to be there at the end. If we are, I think we’ll have a decent finish.”

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Larry at Indy 
20th May 2006 @ 13:22
  Watch Indy qualifying today!

qual order:


Live timing:

Watch and listen ( I downloaded ESPN 360):


Foyt PR for Indy 500 
2nd May 2006 @ 14:43
  Larry Foyt Set To Compete at IndyCollapse )  

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Larry entered for Indy 500 
4th April 2006 @ 12:29
  Click for moreCollapse )  

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Larry At Daytona 
11th February 2006 @ 11:10
  Larry just took to the track! HE'S BACK!!!!!

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24th November 2005 @ 20:24
  Larry got engaged last week. She is a singer and actress and is currently living in LA. When I talked to Larry yesterday he said he is "very happy to be engaged."

At dinner, he had the ring presented to their table on a silver tray with roses. Yes, it was totally girly, but he's all in love so I am not teasing him about it.

This doesn't change anything about his race schedule.

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11th October 2005 @ 15:40
  Someone posted this on a forum so I thought I would post it here.

Larry Foyt Starts His Own NASCAR Busch Team

Larry Foyt has partnered with David Tomasello, owner of a North Carolina-based apparel business, to form Foyt Racing L.L.C. The new team plans to field cars in the NASCAR Busch Series in 2006. Foyt and Tomasello are currently seeking sponsorship to fund the two-car team, although only car would compete on the entire circuit. The second car, to be driven by Foyt, would compete in a limited schedule.

Foyt’s preparation in setting up the new team has kept him out of the cockpit for most of this season with the exception of a couple starts in ARCA and competing in the Indianapolis 500 for his father A.J. Foyt. It was in that race that the 28-year-old driver sustained an injury to his back when he spun and hit the wall in turn one. He was released from Methodist Hospital the day after the race and has since made a full recovery.

The team will be based in Mooresville, N.C., in the same shop which formerly served A.J. Foyt’s NASCAR Nextel Cup team. Larry Foyt has experience running a Busch team which he did in 2001-2002 when he drove in the NASCAR Busch Series under the auspices of his father A.J. Young Foyt’s best start was fifth which he posted several times in 2001-02 and his best finish was eighth at Talladega Superspeedway in 2002.

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Larry update 
16th June 2005 @ 3:15
  UPDATE - June 9

Larry Foyt Update: "Every day I feel better," said Foyt who was injured in a crash at Indy. "If I overdo it, I feel it but I think I'm way ahead of schedule from what the doctors told me to expect."



A.J.'s Indy 500 report 
6th June 2005 @ 11:16
  A.J. sheds some light on what led to Larry's accident:

Indy 500
A.J. Foyt, Foytracing.com

Disappointed. That’s how I felt coming out of the Indy 500. Realistically, I knew we didn’t have a chance to compete against the Honda-powered cars and so our game plan was to survive.

One of my ABC Supply-sponsored cars did just that…Felipe Giaffone, in the No. 48 Toyota-powered Panoz, survived a wild race. He had the least amount of time in the car, having bumped his way into the field on the last day of qualifying. He started last and finished 15th. His experience allowed him to adjust to the track conditions and traffic. Heck in the beginning, he was part of the traffic and in danger of being black-flagged for going too slow.

The problem is that in moving over for the leaders, he’d lose so much momentum with the engine that it took him as much as two laps to get back up to speed. If you’re out of the groove, you get rubber build-up on the tires, which makes the car handle worse. So Giaffone impressed me because he was able to deal with it all, and as cars eliminated themselves throughout the race, he moved up a position at a time.

My Foyt Boys didn’t fare as well. They were part of the attrition which saw 18 cars out of the race before the checkered waved.

In my son Larry’s case I think his lack of experience played a role in his accident. This was his second Indy 500 and his second Indy car race, but saying that he has adapted well to the Indy cars. Initially his No. 41 ABC Supply Dallara/Toyota was working fine, but then he complained that it became very loose very quickly. For it to change that much, he thought he had a tire going down so he pitted. The team gave him new tires and took out two turns of front wing to help with the loose condition.

However, when he returned to the track, he was in traffic and the car still didn’t feel any different. In retrospect, that was probably cold tires. Unlike the start of the race when you have three warm-up laps to heat up your tires, Larry was getting back up to speed following a green flag pitstop. And he was in traffic which meant the air was turbulent too so it was tough situation to face just 15 laps into the race.

The on-board data showed that he made an adjustment in the cockpit with his sway bars. Unfortunately he went the wrong way for his loose condition which made the car even looser. Entering turn one, the car did a quarter turn spin and he was in the wall backwards. He hit solidly with the rear, taking most of the impact to his back. He was lucky he hit the SAFER barrier which is a wall designed to give way under impact.

A trip to Methodist Hospital showed Larry suffered a compressed vertebra and chipped disk in his lower spine. They kept him overnight, fitted him with a back brace and released him the next day. He is at home resting in North Carolina. I’m thankful that he wasn’t injured any worse.

About Anthony's run...Collapse )

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Larry Released From The Hospital 
31st May 2005 @ 12:47
  It's worse than it was originally reported. This is from foytracing.com:

Larry Foyt Released from Hospital

Larry Foyt was released from Methodist Hospital Monday afternoon and is expected to fly home to Charlotte Tuesday. Foyt was taken to the hospital Sunday following his crash in the Indianapolis 500 on lap 15. Foyt’s No. 41 ABC Supply/Dallara/Toyota spun entering turn one spinning backwards into the SAFER Barrier. Foyt sustained a compressed vertebra and a chipped disk in his lower spine. He was fitted with a back brace on Monday and released. He is expected to make a full recovery which could take up to six weeks.

A compressed vertebrae is worse than a chip fracture.


At least there's some kind of prognosis mentioned here, and it looks positive. Within six weeks, he would make a full recovery.

~ deej

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Larry Update 
31st May 2005 @ 2:14
  UPDATE - 1:10 am, May 31
Indy injury update report
Date 2005-05-30 (Indianapolis)
By Anne Proffit - Motorsport.com

Larry Foyt, who brought out the first caution of the day when he crashed into the Turn 1 SAFER barrier on lap 17, went to Methodist Hospital where physicians discovered he sustained a fracture of his lower spine.

Foyt was fitted with a back brace to stabilize the area and, according to the Indy Racing League and Indianapolis Motor Speedway staff is expected to be released by Tuesday.


There's more on the news page of the IRL section of foytopia.com - in particular, an article called 'Safety' that talks about the exact nature of how Larry sustained such an injury.

Originally, it sounded like he was being released today... but now it's tomorrow. I hope he really can be released then.


~ deej

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Larry To Stay Overnight 
29th May 2005 @ 19:44
  UPDATE - 7:38 pm, May 29
Foyt Trouble

A.J. Foyt's team ran into early problems for the third straight year at Indianapolis, and both of the four-time winner's drivers were out of the race early.

Before the green flag flew, A.J. Foyt IV, Foyt's grandson, was already struggling with his earplugs. He had the same problem two years ago as a rookie before hitting the wall early in last year's race.

Larry Foyt, son of the team owner, crashed after completing just 15 laps when he spun in the first turn and hit the outside wall. Track officials said he was had a chip fracture in his lower spine and would be kept overnight for further evaluation.

A.J. Foyt IV's day also ended early, when he dropped down and touched wheels with Bruno Junqueira and sent Junqueira into the wall with debris scattered across the track. Foyt IV had completed 72 laps and was five laps behind the race leaders when the accident occurred. He got back on the track and finished 12 more laps before dropping out.

Walking back to garage after the crash, Foyt said: "I don't know what happened - if I cut in too early or what."

Track officials announced Junqueira, who drives full-time on the Champ Car circuit, had a concussion and broke two bones in his back. He was to undergo surgery Monday in Indianapolis but was stable and in fair condition. There was no immediate word about how much time he could miss for the Newman-Haas team.



Larry update 
29th May 2005 @ 18:50
  Indianapolis 500 Results


Larry Foyt, Foyt IV's uncle, also wound in the hospital with a chip fracture of his lower spine after slamming into the wall early in the race.



Race Report 
29th May 2005 @ 15:00
  Larry wrecks at Indy
by Kellyanne Lynch, foytopia.com
29 May 2005

Larry Foyt's Indy 500 ended on lap 18 when his #41 ABC Supplies Toyota backed into the outside retaining wall.

He was 30th and was on row ten with nephew Anthony when his #41 took the green flag. Sam Hornish Jr grabbed the lead from pole-sitter Tony Kanaan on the first lap. Kanaan reclaimed the top spot the next time around the track, but Hornish Jr took it before Kanaan was creditted. The Penske driver got out to a sizeable lead.

Meanwhile, Larry gained two spots from Patrick Carpentier and Marty Roth by lap 4. He fell back to 29th a couple laps later when Kanaan took the lead.

Within the next few laps, Larry lost ground. He fell to last - 33rd. Kanaan passed him to put him a lap down on lap 17. The whirring cars of the leaders set his #41 hot rod off-balance. The car was incredibly loose getting into the turn, and backed into the outside wall.

The accident brought out the first caution on lap 18. Larry was removed from the car and taken to Methodist Hospital for further evaluation. Although he was awake and alert, he complained of lower back pain. The #41 car was towed from the track and loaded in the hauler, and will be marked as finished 33rd in the Indy 500.

Foytopia.com will continue to post any known news regarding Larry's condition.


Larry Foyt injured in Indy 500 crash 
29th May 2005 @ 14:15
  Larry Foyt injured in Indy 500 crash

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) - Larry Foyt crashed in the car he was driving and was injured early in the Indianapolis 500 this afternoon.

He was taken out of his car and placed in a stretcher. But he does not appear to be seriously injured. He was taken to Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis and was alert, complaining of lower back pain.

Foyt started the race in the 30th position.

He is the only driver out of the race so far.

(Copyright 2005 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)



Larry Headed To The Hospital 
29th May 2005 @ 13:34
  Larry got loose in the turn on lap 17 when he got lapped and backed into the wall. They took FOREVER got give an update, but when they finally did, they said that Larry was awake and alert and complaining of lower back pain. He's headed to the hospital for further evaluation.

I'll post anything if I learn anything further.

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~ deej